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I’m super excited to join my bro Carnage the Executioner on tour!!! Catch us if u can!!! Carnage The Executioner’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW STEALER TOUR PART III launches on Thursday, April 26! Observe the 17 dates/cities listed, mark your calendars and prepare to be rocked! ————— Thursday, April 26: Oshkosh, WI – Reptile Palace […]

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  ATTACK OF THE SHOW STEALER starring Carnage The Executioner ——————– Mpls Documentary Premiere • Q&A • Live Performances • All Night Music Videos ——————– Spirited stage shatterer Carnage The Executioner takes both the stage and the big screen for the premiere of his first live performance documentary, ATTACK OF THE SHOW STEALER. Enjoy an […]

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May 2, 2017     Hip Hop x RnB x Rock x Trap = Katana Da Don 💯 Follow me on @Spotify  

Rapper’s Round Table Freestyle on CaddySwag Radio!!!

Check out this crazy freestyle with @carnagetheexecutioner beat boxing for the #RappersRoundTable at @caddyswag / @freshcoastlive featuring @stpaulslim @capaciti13 @so_bornroyalty @osp_aka_fidel @callouscool @back_2_back_muzik @werd_jd @myalklammer @mohsmusic #KAT #TruthMaze on @soundcloud