CaliSota 1.5

Just put out a new playlist – CaliSota 1.5 (born in California, raised in Minnesota) and it’s available now on #Spotify and #Itunes  Featuring: Jae Havoc, Soul Reflect and NoFuckAround Gang  Producers: Jae Havoc, A1 Sound Productions and KDD Pro

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It’s 4/20 and It’s the perfect day to drop NEW MUSIC so here’s #CaliSota – California and Minnesota are both my homes and biggest artistic influences. Here’s what that marriage created!!

Thanks to Brady Bell IV for the dope production and mixing on ‘Let Me Know’, Web Beats for the production on ‘Center Stage’ and Soul Reflect for the feature on ‘Numb P2’.

Listen to #CaliSota by Katana Da Don on #SoundCloud




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