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Runs In The Family [Beat Tape] [2018]

Soooo I decided to drop a beat tape yesterday. This music is my way of saying Happy Birthday to my Dad Kwame Mugodo and celebrating the love we share for music. Freestyle to it. Dance to it. Do what you do. If it wasn’t for him, introducing this beautiful thing that I love to me at an early age, I really don’t know where I’d be. So thanks Pops. I owe you my life. Runs In The Family [beat tape] available on for free download.

Track List:

  1. Sunshine
  2. India
  3. Potato
  4. Let Me See
  5. Beanie

Produced, mixed and mastered by KDD Pro

The Janet Tape [2018]

Confession – I’ve always had a semi obsession with Janet Jackson. Since today is her birthday, I decided to drop a little tape (4 songs) that I produced from sample of her songs Living In A World, Come Back To Me, Together Again (Remix) and Warmth. It ended up being pretty dope! I was also blessed to have a feature by The Means on Soul Searching. Take a listen…

Track List:

  1. Natural (Come Back To Me)
  2. Soul Searching ft The Means (Together Again Remix)
  3. Obstacles (Livin In A World)
  4. Recipe (Warmth)

Produced, mixed and mastered by KDD Pro

Hell If I Know (Single) [2017]

This song was created at the request of Paul von Stoetzel who is the director of a few of my videos and a good friends. He asked me to write as a wedding gift to him and his future wife who played my zombie buddy in my Grim video. I made the beat, wrote the lyrics over the weekend and sent him a rough draft that Monday. He loved it. Within a week or two we were shooting the video and it premiered on the City Pages that Halloween (his favorite holiday) The moral to the song is: Love can be heaven or hell – choose your own adventure.

Produced, mixed and mastered by KDD Pro

CaliSota 1.5 [2017]

Just put out a new playlist – CaliSota 1.5 (born in California, raised in Minnesota) and it’s available now on #Spotify and #Itunes  Featuring: Jae Havoc, Soul Reflect and NoFuckAround Gang  Producers: Jae Havoc, A1 Sound Productions and KDD Pro.

Track List:

  1. Viewtiful Joe ft Jae Havoc (Produced by Jae Havoc)*
  2. FWM (Produced by KDD Pro)
  3. Digital ft Soul Reflect (Produced by KDD Pro)
  4. Hypnosis (Produced by KDD Pro)
  5. Hypnotized (Produced by KDD Pro)
  6. 0% No FuckAround ft No FuckAround Gang (Produced by A1 Productions)+
  7. Calculated (Produced by KDD Pro)

All songs mixed and mastered by KDD Pro excluding * and +. * by Jae Havoc. + by A1 Productions and Big Jess.

CaliSota [2017]

 California and Minnesota are both my homes and biggest artistic influences. Intertwining the funk of Bootsie Collins and Too Short, with the Rock/Soulful edge of Prince and The Time. This is what the marriage of these two States created!!

Track List:

  1. What I Love (Produced by KDD Pro)
  2. Let Me Know (Produced by Breez for 4 Pro Audio)*
  3. The Rain (Produced by KDD Pro)
  4. Numb Part 2 ft Soul Reflect (Produced by KDD Pro)
  5. R.I.F. (Produced by KDD Pro)
  6. Center Stage (Produced by Web Beats)
  7. Black Lie (Produced by KDD Pro)

All songs mixed and mastered by KDD Pro excluding * and +. * mastered by  Breez.

Kut Throat [2016]

In a world where women have accepted the idea of selling sex for survival and call it empowerment, where dope fiends are considered heroes and drug dealers are knights in shining, armor there is an antithesis: Kut Throat!!! Kut Throat is a raw, honest expression of the world through the jaded eyes of Katana Da Don – a female writer/producer/performer originally from California and now residing in Minnesota. Producing all songs excluding SNOW (Eycee Slim) Katana paints an eerie picture of what the future will be if the ideology being portrayed in the media and other social outlets don’t mature. In recognition of this shallow, materialistic entity that has consumed American culture, Katana Da Don fights fire with fire in Kut Throat and chooses to beat them rather than join them!!!

Track List:
  1. Intro – One Less (Produced by KDD Pro)
  2. Facade (Produced by KDD Pro)
  3. Beautiful Lie (Produced by KDD Pro)
  4. Paranoia (Produced by KDD Pro)
  5. Music ft Soul Reflect (Produced by KDD Pro)
  6. Stroke (Produced by KDD Pro)
  7. Numb (Produced by KDD Pro)
  8. Shitfaced (Produced by KDD Pro)
  9. Interlude – Survival (Produced by KDD Pro)
  10. Snow (Produced by Eycee Slim)
  11. Grim (Produced by KDD Pro)
  12. Soul Brotha (Produced by KDD Pro)
  13. Punchline (Produced by KDD Pro)
All songs mixed and mastered by House Mix Studios and KDD Pro.

The Council – The Preliminary Hearings [2011]

Track List:

  1. City Council
  2. Smoke Breakfast
  3. PSA 1
  4. Daydreaming of Yesterday ft Margeaux Davis
  5. Sumthin Better
  6. Shut Down
  7. Stalker
  8. Trippin
  9. So Addictive
  10. PSA 2
  11. You Don’t Know Me
  12. What You Want
  13. Voices ft MC Rentz
  14. PSA 3
  15. Welcome To The Jungle
  16. Wish You Were Here
  17. Waistin Time
  18. Grind Like Mine
  19. U Know U Want To
All songs written by Katana, DCyde and Depth
Production by DCyde, Eycee Slim, T – Lace, King Ralio, King Sandman
Mixed and mastered by DCyde


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